Why Us

Swayam Siddha Academy provides an opportunity to be trained by best faculty team hence a limited number of students will be selected based on the admission test. Topic booklet as well as review sheets scientifically designed by the experts will be given for rigorous practice.

Biweekly Topic test/Part test/Full syllabus test based on the pattern of NEET/AIIMS and JEE-Mains /Advanced will be conducted.

Full access to Online Courses: Every classroom package and sheet is also available to student in an online interactive course manner. Students can attempt online quizzes as well as all the detailed homework and tests online. We boast of most advanced courseware contents and technology for online education.

Doubt Clearing Sessions: Special doubt clearing sessions are arranged for individual queries of the students along with regular schedule.

Regular PTM(Parent Teacher Meeting) is conducted to analyse the performance of the students and special sessions are arranged to improve weaker areas.

Library facility with adequate number of books and online video lectures will be available for references.Conveyance facility will be provided as per need.

Class Timings: 4:00pm-8:00pm Frequency: 3/4 days a week (TTS/MWF) for two year batch, 10:00am-2:00pm Frequency: 5/6 days a week for droppers batch Special classed may be arranged as per need apart from regular classes.

Information regarding different competitive examinations will be given to students as and when required.

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